Nature Walks:

We take you to the islands. The steep walk through eucalyptus plantation is peaceful. The weather is cool and comfortable. There is solitude – just you and the trees and other vegetation.



Hire one of our mountain bikes and take the winding road around the lake. The scenery is breath taking. The cool highland weather is comfortable. Our tour guide can ride with you to show you the best scenery.


Boat Ride:

The boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi takes you around the lake to some historical islands. The tour guide will take you through the history of the lake. He will also give you a brief of the culture of the local people and the relevance of the lake to their lives.



You can use one of our canoes to paddle around the lake. Enjoy the company of the otters and the water birds. It’s a favorite activity for some.


Community tours, Visiting the Batwa (Pygmies):

This marginalized tribe is indigenous to the rain forest but is now homeless. You can make a contribution to their education and social well being.

Bird Watching:

Lake Bunyonyi is home to more than 200 bird species.
An early morning trip to Nyombi swamp is a must for bird watchers.

Cultural Tourism:

A visit to the hills of kagalama to see the shrines and local medicine men will reveal to you the historical beliefs of the local people. You can also visit the local iron smith artisans and get an education on the history and culture of the bakiga tribe. A museum in town captures some of these scenes.

Games (pool table, volley ball and wood ball):

On the hilltop overlooking the cottages, enjoy a pool table and the beautiful scenery.

Team Building Activities:

Play, eat and tour together. Contribute to the local community initiatives as a team. Build your team through contribution to our responsible tourism projects.

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