Tours & Sports

Gorilla Tracking

Track gorillas in Ruhija.  Depart for the forest at 6am after breakfast. The drive takes about 1hr. Tour briefing will be at the Ruhija Wildlife Offices. Gorilla Tracking may take 2 - 6 hrs in the forest. You need hiking gear. Strong tough gloves are recommended. You must be phyically fit and free from disease. 

Tours by Hiking

Lake Bunyonyi is great for hikes. The weather is mild and the scenery is breathtaking. The people are friendly and it's safe.  A local guide will show you the best hills to climb or you can design your own tour. Discover the community culture, land use and visit a school or family with a few gifts like stationary or clothes. 

Tours by Mountain Bike

With the mountain Bike you can go further than hiking. Let your tour guide show you the best places to explore the villages. A ride along the Kakwekano road to Muko is a scenic adventure. Use google maps and design your tour. Visit the iron smith clan, the local medicine man or some of the other lodges in the neighborhood.

Tours by Boat

A tour of the islands on Lake Bunyonyi is a must. Lake Bunyonyi has numerous islands each with a rich history and culture.  The island hop can focus on bird watching, a visit to the Batwa, nature walk or a hike on one island with wild life. Choose your interest early.

Tours by Car

Go further by vehicle, hire one of our safari land cruisers and visit the national parks of Queen Elizabeth, Kibale or Ishasha! Just two hours drive away and you will view wildlife and enjoy the scenic drive.

Sports & Games

We have a variety of sports activities for you. A football pitch where you can enjoy a game of football, cricket, volley ball and bad Minton.  A lawn tennis court. Table tennis tables and soon squash courts.  There are also darts, basket ball, board games such as chess, snakes and ladders, ludo and many more. Enjoy the great outdoor at Bunyonyi Safaris Resort.

Activity Prices

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Gorilla Tracking

Day 1: BSR

Day 2: Gorilla Tracking

Day 3: BSR  

Cost: USD 990

gorilla permit, accomodation, meals and transport to park.


- Day 1:  Island hoping day - Batwa tribe, history, culture, birds: Full day tour.

- Day 2:  Hiking to the ironsmiths and a visit to some homesteads.

- Day 3:  Football game with local team at the Hilltop.

USD 300/person includes Fullboard accomodation, transport to tour sites


Two nights Bunyonyi Safaris Resort and two night Queen Elizabeth or Lake Mburo.  Nature walks on the islands, game viewing.

Cost: USD 600/person includes Fullboard accomodation, transport and park entry fees.

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