Dining Areas

Main Dining Hall


The Main Dining Hall has a capacity of 120 people.  It's located in the main hotel and is used mainly for lunch and sometimes dinner.

Roof Terrace Dining


 The Roof Terrace Dining also has a capacity of 120 people.  Its located on the top of the main hotel.  It has a view of the lake.  Its mainly used for breakfast and evening cocktails.

Waterfront Gardens & Deck

Cottage garden

 The Gardens have a deck and an open area that can host 120 or more people.  It has two campfire sites, satellite TV, music,  and a cash bar and lounge.  Its normally used for barbecues and dinner. 

Hilltop Dining


The Hilltop Arena has a self catering Kitchen can an arena that can host about 800 people.  Its used for wedding receptions, parties and big events. 

Garden Dining Hall


The Garden Dining Hall can host 40 people.  Its located at the waterfront gardens overlooking the lake.  Its used by small groups and serves the cottages.

Room Service


Some rooms have private balconies that can be used as dining areas.  Others like the family suites have their own dining areas.  However all guests can get room service at a small fee.