Main Bar Lounge


The Main Bar lounge serves the main bar.   It also has a hearth where we light a fire on a cold night. It can accommodate several groups.

Main Lounge


The Main Lounge is located in the Main Hotel.  Its spacious and well aired with a view of the lake and the cottages.  It has a balcony with a great view,

Garden Lounge


The garden lounge is by the lake in the gardens. Its served by a cash bar. 

Roof Terrace Lounge


The Roof Terrace is the warmest place to relax with a book.  The seats are scattered around the square roof.  There's a gym and a table tennis table there. .

Hilltop Lounge


The Hilltop has lounge seats at the Arena.  Its has a cash bar, children play ground TV screen, music, and games and sports as well as a self catering kitchen.

Cafe & Reception Lounges


We also have a lounge at the Reception cafe and another in front of the reception area for our guests to give you a warm reception.