Spa & Sun bathing

Sauna, Steam & Massage


Every evening we light the sauna and steam bath by the lakeside.  You can also enjoy a massage. 

Sun Bathing


Sun bathing beds are located on the deck in front of the sauna and steam bath.  They are clean and comfortable.



There are two hammocks by the cottages.  Look out for them. 

Gardens & Lounges

Waterfront Garden & Lounge


Located right on the waterfront, this lounge is ideal for relaxation.  The gardens have swings and sew saws for children as we;ll as garden seats.  There's also a tree lounge overlooking the lake. .

Hilltop Gardens


The Hilltop Venue has the best site for camping, picnics and relaxation. There's also a children's play ground. Sports amenities and a bar and lounge.  You can book it for self catering parties & events.

Roof Terrace


The roof terrace at the main hotel has a lounge and dining area.  Its quiet, has a great view of the lake.  Its ideal for reading and relaxation..

Picnics, Parties & Camping

Picnics @ Hilltop


Hill Top Venue is ideal for group picnics.  The scenery and ambiance are  memorable. . 

Parties @ Waterfront


Waterfront Gardens and Hilltop are ideal for parties.  Music, 42 inch TV screen and public address systems are available.

Camping @ Hilltop


Pict h your tent at the Hill Top Venue.  We light a campfire and provide you with security.  Attractions include great scenery, running water, self catering kitchen and lost of space.